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Temple of the Tooth Relic

Nestled beside a tranquil lake, Kandy stands as the last capital of the ancient kings of Sri Lanka, offering a picturesque retreat in the heart of the country's central highlands. Beyond its aesthetic allure, Kandy is a city steeped in history, serving as a favored escape for colonial administrators seeking respite from the tropical heat.

Among the city's cultural treasures, the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic takes center stage in a bustling temple complex. This sacred relic, believed to have once belonged to Buddha, has been a focal point of historical conflicts, adding layers of significance to its revered presence. Visitors are invited to partake in the ritual of petal offerings and the lighting of votive candles, joining the devout in a spiritual experience.

For those fortunate enough to coincide their visit with the Esala Perahera Festival, held in late June to early July, a vibrant spectacle awaits. This grand celebration pays homage to the Sacred Tooth Relic, transforming the streets into a lively parade route. To secure prime viewing, securing tickets from the various restaurants and shops lining the procession path is advisable, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the cultural extravaganza.

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