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Sea Turtle Hatchery

Nestled along Sri Lanka's western coast, a haven for biodiversity unfolds, with the enchanting sea turtle taking center stage. Among the myriad species seeking refuge in Sri Lanka, the sea turtle stands out, captivating hearts with its remarkable journey through the vast Indian Ocean. As these magnificent creatures gracefully navigate the waters, they eventually find their way to the hatcheries that dot the western coastline.

Galle, adorned by the gentle embrace of the sea, is home to the Galle Sea Turtle Hatchery, a sanctuary for these endangered beings for over four decades. The exterior of the hatchery is a canvas of vibrant murals, each stroke celebrating the hues of these marvelous turtles. Stepping inside, visitors are greeted by a series of preservation tanks, each accompanied by informative signboards, creating an immersive educational experience.

Guided tours within the hatchery unveil live demonstrations, unraveling the intricate life cycle of sea turtles and the dedicated efforts for their conservation. The hatchery operates as a nurturing haven, a daycare for the newborn sea turtles, offering protection and care during their crucial early days. Numerous small water tanks cradle these precious lives, symbolizing hope and commitment to the preservation of Sri Lanka's marine treasures.

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