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Old Parliament Building

Standing as an architectural testament in the heart of the Colombo Fort area, facing the vast expanse of the sea, is the venerable Old Parliament Building of Sri Lanka. More than just a historic edifice, this iconic structure serves as the distinguished residence for the Presidential Secretariat, adding a layer of significance to its grandeur.

Positioned strategically, the Old Parliament Building enjoys close proximity to the President's House, Colombo, and stands adjacent to the stately General Treasury Building. Its location is not just a matter of geographical placement; it symbolizes the nexus of power and governance, where history has unfolded, and decisions that shaped the nation's destiny were deliberated upon.

The aura of the Old Parliament Building resonates with echoes of bygone eras, witnessing the ebb and flow of political narratives and societal evolution. Its architectural magnificence, a blend of colonial charm and local aesthetics, is a testament to the evolving story of Sri Lanka.

As you stand in its shadow, the building becomes a living chronicle, offering a tangible connection to the corridors of power and the administrative heart of the nation. Exploring its surroundings, with the President's House and the General Treasury Building as neighbors, you embark on a journey through the governance epicenter of Sri Lanka, where the past meets the present in an architectural symphony of historical continuity.

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