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Lunuganga Geoffrey Bawa’s Country Estate

Nestled within the embrace of Sri Lanka's landscape, the Lunuganga Estate stands as a testament to the visionary architectural prowess of Geoffrey Bawa, one of the nation's most celebrated architects. Beyond being a mere country house, Lunuganga unfolds as a chronicle of historical transitions, weaving together the legacies of Dutch cinnamon estates and British rubber plantations that once defined its sprawling grounds.

The roots of Lunuganga delve into a bygone era, where the estate bore witness to the ebb and flow of colonial influences. From its origins as a cinnamon estate during the Dutch era to its later transformation into a rubber plantation under British rule, Lunuganga's landscape became a canvas upon which the chapters of Sri Lanka's economic and agricultural history were written.

In 1948, a new chapter unfolded as the small house within the estate found itself in the hands of the local tax collector, adding a layer of community history to Lunuganga's narrative. This transition marked the beginning of a more diversified identity for the estate, where individual stories intersected with the broader historical context.

As Geoffrey Bawa took stewardship of Lunuganga, he embarked on a journey of architectural transformation, sculpting the estate into a haven that seamlessly blended nature and design. Today, Lunuganga stands not only as a reflection of its colonial past but as a living testament to the artistic vision that has etched its mark on Sri Lanka's architectural heritage.

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