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Kandyan Cultural Center

Journey into the heart of cultural preservation at the Kandyan Art Association, a venerable institution housed within the Kandyan Cultural Center. Established in 1882, this association stands as a stalwart guardian of Sri Lanka's rich heritage, specifically dedicated to the reinvigoration of traditional Kandyan arts and crafts. At its core, the mission is not only to revive but also to thrive, breathing new life into time-honored practices that have defined the cultural tapestry of the region.

The artisans who form the backbone of this association are the custodians of traditions spanning weaving, wood carving, painting, jewelry making, and the captivating realms of music and dance. As torchbearers of artistic legacy, they find both support and a vital sales outlet through the Kandyan Art Association. Every creation, whether it be a meticulously woven fabric, an intricately carved piece of wood, or a harmonious melody, encapsulates the essence of Kandyan heritage.

The Kandyan Cultural Center, with its roots deeply embedded in history, is not merely a showcase of the past but a living, breathing testament to the enduring spirit of artistic expression. Step into this cultural haven, where the resonance of creativity intertwines seamlessly with the commitment to preserving the soul-stirring traditions that define Kandyan arts and crafts. The journey through the Kandyan Art Association becomes not just an exploration but a celebration of Sri Lanka's vibrant cultural legacy.

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