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Kandy Viewpoint

Perched gracefully on the Rajapihilla Mawatha, the Kandy Viewpoint stands as a testament to the enchanting beauty of Kandy. It proudly holds the 5th spot among the 105 captivating tourist attractions that adorn this historic city. Nestled in proximity to the scenic Kandy Lake, this viewpoint is cradled by awe-inspiring landscapes, where majestic mountains and verdant meadows create a picturesque embrace.

Embarking on a journey to this mesmerizing location, travelers are beckoned to follow the Rajapihilla Mawatha Route, a path that unveils a 1 km steep ascent leading to the summit. Alternatively, the charm of a tuk-tuk ride is available for those who prefer a leisurely ascent. As you ascend, the anticipation builds, and upon reaching the pinnacle, nature's grandeur unfolds in a panoramic display that transcends imagination.

The sweeping vistas from the Kandy Viewpoint are nothing short of spectacular, offering a visual feast that encompasses the sprawling city below and the surrounding hills that paint the horizon. Each visit becomes a sensory journey, with the cool mountain breeze whispering tales of the lush landscapes that stretch far and wide. The Kandy Viewpoint, a harmonious blend of nature's grand design and human ingenuity, invites you to savor moments of tranquility and awe.

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