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Hiriwadunna Village

Embark on a captivating 3-hour journey, a rare opportunity to deeply connect with the nature and culture of the authentic Sri Lankan village of Hiriwadunna. Your seasoned Guide and driver will seamlessly pick you up from your centrally located hotel in Habarana, Sigiriya, or Dambulla. The adventure begins as you hop aboard a Safari jeep, setting the stage for a scenic drive to the enchanting Hiriwadunna village, nestled in the heart of Habarana city.

Experience the rustic charm of the village with an authentic Bullock cart ride, meandering near the tranquil village pond. A delightful boat ride follows, carrying you to the other side of this idyllic rural landscape. As you take a leisurely stroll through the verdant paddy fields and vibrant vegetable cultivation, the village house beckons. Here, you're invited to unwind and indulge in the flavors of Sri Lanka with a delectable lunch, showcasing the richness of local cuisine.

Conclude your village sojourn with a Tuk Tuk ride back to the tour starting point. The adventure comes full circle, and as you bid farewell to the charm of Hiriwadunna, a Safari jeep awaits to transport you back to the comforts of your hotel. This immersive experience promises not just a tour but a lasting connection with the authentic rhythms of Sri Lankan village life.

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