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Have a close encounter with whales

At the southernmost tip of Sri Lanka, where the island's boundaries meet the expansive depths of the continental shelf, lies a marine paradise favored by the majestic blue whales. Nowhere else on Earth can you witness these colossal creatures swimming so proximately to the land, and with such remarkable predictability.

Dondra Head, a geographical landmark, serves as the gateway to this extraordinary marine spectacle. The period from January to April marks a pivotal time, as it heralds the annual migration of blue whales traversing from the Bay of Bengal to the vast expanse of the western Indian Ocean. During this time frame, these gentle giants make a pit stop, feasting on the abundance of krill and squid flourishing in the nutrient-rich waters. The marine bounty is a result of the convergence of Sri Lanka's 103 rivers, contributing to the flourishing ecosystem and creating a unique opportunity for enthusiasts and researchers to witness the breathtaking display of these magnificent creatures against the backdrop of the island's southern waters.

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