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Discover untouched islands

Venture off the well-trodden paths and explore the hidden gems scattered across the northernmost tip of Sri Lanka—a region boasting a handful of islands that beckon intrepid travelers seeking a unique and tranquil escape. Among these islands, Neduntivu, also known as 'Neduntheevu' or historically named Delft by the Dutch, stands out as the largest, characterized by its serene ambiance and a population of approximately 4,500 residents, including herds of untamed horses.

Embarking on the short but invigorating journey across the seas to reach these islands unveils a world where time seems to slow down. While the islands may offer limited accommodations, primarily comprised of a few hotels and guesthouses, what they lack in modern amenities, they compensate for with the warmth and friendliness of the local inhabitants.

Upon arrival, explorations may reveal intriguing sights such as the Dutch fort constructed from coral, echoing the historical influences on the region. A centerpiece of natural wonder awaits in the form of a colossal baobab tree, rumored to have witnessed over a millennium of existence. After ticking off these landmarks, the islands encourage a state of serene relaxation, inviting visitors to embrace the unhurried pace of life and revel in the simplicity of their surroundings.

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