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Brief Garden by Bevis Bawa

Nestled in the serene beauty of Beruwala, Sri Lanka, Brief Garden unfolds as more than just a landscape garden—it is an immersive experience meticulously crafted by the visionary landscape architect and owner, Bevis Bawa. This verdant sanctuary, steeped in history and botanical allure, stands not only as a testament to Bawa's artistic ingenuity but also as the epicenter of Brief Garden Designs, a landscape design practice that bears the imprints of its founder's brilliance.

The roots of Brief Garden delve into a poignant narrative. In 1929, Bevis Bawa found himself bequeathed the family rubber plantation by his mother, Bertha Marianne née Schrader. What transpired thereafter was not merely a transition of ownership but a transformation of the landscape into a living canvas where nature and art converged harmoniously.

As the custodian of this sprawling canvas, Bevis Bawa embarked on a journey of creative expression, sculpting the gardens into a botanical haven that mesmerizes visitors with its rich tapestry of flora and design. Brief Garden transcends its physical boundaries; it becomes a testament to the artistic legacy of its creator, a space where each corner whispers tales of botanical fascination and the profound connection between man and nature.

Today, as one wanders through the winding paths and lush greenery of Brief Garden, the legacy of Bevis Bawa unfolds, inviting exploration not just of its botanical wonders but also of the artistic philosophy that shaped this living masterpiece in the heart of Sri Lanka.

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