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Chauffeur & Guide Code of Rules

Our team of chauffeur are personally selected and with wide experience in exploring the country with upholding the standards and regulations. 

Safety first

  • Maintaining speed limits & traffic rules including seat belts.
  • Maintenance and cleanness of the vehicle
  • Keep up with given itinerary, unless otherwise requested by guest and confirmed by Office.
  • No Alcohol during working hours.
  • Mobile phone calls should be restricted strictly, only essential calls. 
  • Chauffeur should carry a basic first aid kit.
  • Rest stops when ever needed

Safety Check

  • Vehicle must be locked when ever unmanned.
  • Luggage must be supervised by guest all the time.
  • Make sure loading and unloading done by guest, hotel staff or Miracle Sri Lanka team member.

Driver accommodation in few hotels can be inadequate or non existent. In order to maintain the committed responsible travel, in this few cases we make modest provision for accommodation cost of USD15.00. You will be advised at the time of placing your booking.  

This commitment will meet the minimum standards for our chauffeurs to make your travel safe and comfortable.


  • Guest is obliged to inform Miracle Sri Lanka about chauffeur concerns immediately under complaint procedure.
  • Chauffeur should act as guide to offer general information and advice when there is no guide.
  • Chauffeur should respect passengers.


Tips & Gifts
Tipping chauffeur/guide is accepted practice in Sri Lanka, note that especially beneficial on long tours when they may be away from home for long days. We as your tour operator, we shall advice your guest to strongly consider this along with services rended. In the mean time Chauffeur should under no circumstances request or demand. 

Tour program & General

  • Unless otherwise heavy traffic or major accidents arrive 15min before given time.
  • Chauffeur should appear clean clothing with shoes including personal hygiene.
  • First in the morning discuss suitable timings and take up occasional last minute changers.
  • Assist changers in route within given program or with additional excursions with consulting the agent (This may incur extra cost)


Shopping & Commission
As travel agent, we don’t seek or obtain commissions from any shops unless otherwise specified. We strongly oppose the most dishonest aspects of this culture, which can lead to bad impression on our whole tourism. However, the chauffeur/ guide may earn commission from some purchases by holidaymakers and accept that this has been a long practice. Drivers should:

  1. Only recommend places that they truly believe are good in standard.
  2. Respond briefly and honestly if asked by guest on receiving commission.
  3. Never suggest, under any circumstances, that any shop, factory or product is recommended by Travel agent unless other provided a shopping list.
  4. Always advice travelers that they are shopping at their own risk and that, in the case of items that have to be shipped, they clear about any additional charges that might be imposed. 
  5. Ensure, travelers obtain necessary receipts and contact numbers in case of problems with their purchase. 


Additional Support

  • Represent as Travel Agent at all circumstances for any problems or complains.
  • Coordinate with hotels in the morning, and advise on arrival time on the booking, and remaining for 15 minutes at the lobby after check in, and during check-outs. (In case of issues)
  • Always keep advising the Travel agent on newly discovered hotels or any good hotels.
  • Always keep a track on guest luggage.