Sri Lanka Fine Gems

Sri Lankan’s fine Gems were positioned amongst the Priceless Exhibits in the Royal Museum of Great Britain.

Geologically this Island is extremely old, ninety percent of the rocks are formed 560 million years ago. Precious stones form in sedimentary residual gem deposits, eluvial deposits, metamorpic deposits, skarn and calcium rich rocks. Gem formations in this Island are located in the central high grade metamorphic terrain of the Highland.

Gem deposits are classified as sedimentary, metamorphic and magmatic, the sedimentary types are being abundant. Mineralogy of those deposits varies among Sapphires ranging Blue and Star, Rubies, Star Rubies, Alexandrites, Cat’s eyes, Garnets, Zircons, Tourmalines, Chrysoberyl, Spinels and Topaz are with quality and quantities been dotingly delivered in an uninterrupted continuum since the biblical days of Solomon and Sheba.

If you are keen in Gem mining and local Gem market tours with the assistance of a qualified gemologist covering local Gem markets in Ratnapura and Beruwela, do let us know for more information.