Weligama is situated along the southern coast of Sri Lanka on its southern tip, about 24 km from the historic city of Galle and 140 km from Colombo. One can reach Weligama Bay within a half hour’s drive from Galle, passing along expansive coconut groves on one side and the deep blue sea on the other and what awaits the traveler is the breathtakingly beautiful and extremely serene Weligama Bay. One can either swim in the shallow waters of the Weligama Bay or take delight in diving, snorkeling or even take catamaran rides into the sea. Being away from the hustle and bustle of the town, the beach is quite peaceful.


Within the picturesque bay, one cannot miss the little hilly island where a French Count built his dream house. It stands to date as both a tourist attraction and an exclusive guest house. Moving further along the beach you can watch the unusual fishing mode where fishermen propped up on stilts and equipped with fishing rods and baskets carry on fishing just a few metres into the sea. It is a spectacular sight and is called ‘stilt fishing’.


Being a fishing village, Weligama Bay also has an expansive fish landing site. Tourism has made good use of this beautiful environment providing excellent accommodation choices, catering for all budgets and needs. Apart from the beach life, moving inland will lead you to rubber and coconut plantations, ancient temples and spice gardens.