Travelling along the southern coast of Sri Lanka one comes across Tangalle, located between the towns of Matara and Hambantota. Tangalle situated along the coastal road at 190 km from Colombo, is a small resort town. Away from the town the beach carries a number of hotels, guest houses and eating places that cater to the large number of tourists that frequent this resort.


Tangalle boasts of a unique ecosystem in that the coastland is on a hillock within the Tangalle Bay facing at the vast horizon of the deep blue Indian Ocean.  Known for its tranquillity, the stretch of coastline is stunningly pretty with a clear soft sandy beach with waves gently splashing on the shores. Looking from the hillock, the palm fringed coastline couldn’t be more beautiful. It makes an ideal location for those who desire a quiet, relaxed holiday with sun, sand, surf, snorkel and swim.


Tangalle with its protective bays has been a popular port from ancient times and today it is a commercially important fishing town. There are also several small villages around Tangalle by the sea such as Medilla, Goyambokke, Pallikaduwe, Mawella, Kudawella and Seenimodera which are popular spots for sea bathing, sunbathing, swimming, surfing and also snorkelling.