Koggala / Ahangama

With a strip of abandoned holiday resorts and 5* hotels along the beach, one gets the impression that Koggala has once been a tourists’ paradise. Even though some of these buildings have been abandoned, tourists have always frequented the beaches and the Koggala River and Koggala Lake have attracted many nature lovers.


Koggala became commercialized with the setting up of the economic zone where several factories have come up. Yet the quiet surroundings along the beach remain untouched for people to enjoy and relax. There are also Buddhist hermitages on a couple of islets on the Koggala lake which can be visited with prior permission.


The beach stretch along Ahangama is quite beautiful and provides some good surf spots. The main road leading south passes through this small town. Quite a number of beach restaurants offer fresh seafood and provide an excellent view of the sea. Ahangama is a place where one can surf and relax away from the crowds.