Galle, the business center of the South of Sri Lanka situated along the south western coast of Sri Lanka rose to prominence with colonial rulers realizing its importance as a commercial port. Under Portuguese rule (1507-1640) it became Sri Lanka’s chief port, the capital of Sri Lanka under the Dutch (1640-56) and developed as a commercial hub until the British constructed a modern harbour in Colombo in 1885.


Due to its historical importance, it has been named a World Heritage Site and stands today as the best example of a fortified city built by Europeans in South and South-East Asia. The Fort borders the beautiful beach and the old buildings stand as monuments to a combination of European architectural styles and South Asian traditions. Other prominent landmarks in Galle include St. Mary’s Cathedral founded by Jesuit priests. Galle has always remained an educational site for school children visiting in groups and research scientists.


You can spend hours exploring the famous Dutch fort, go shopping at one of the oldest markets of Sri Lanka and even the modern shopping complexes. What’s more – you can also enjoy the feeling of “the good old times” at one of the colonial-style hotels and restaurants. Due to their historical importance, most of the beautiful colonial houses have been restored for the benefit of tourists. On their way to the south of Sri Lanka, all tourists make it a point to stop for a visit at this great ancient city.