Beruwala on Sri Lanka’s west coast is situated 75km from Sri Lanka’s international airport and 45km from Colombo. It is the starting point of the long stretch of the major exciting beach resort area on the western coast and leads to the resorts of Aluthgama and Bentota. A small walk southwards from the town and through the village to the sea brings an unsuspecting visitor to some hotels along the beach.


This area forms one of the longest beaches in Sri Lanka where one can stroll freely. Beruwala has a large fish landing site and one can enjoy the site of colourful boats bringing in their fresh catch early in the morning. The main road bordering the beach is strewn with fish vendors selling fresh fish just landed from boats.


Even though Beruwala is famous as a fishing area, the town itself is a busy commercial town which is said to have been a trading city from the 8th century AD. Many of the town folks are Muslim gem traders living particularly in the “China Fort” district while Sinhala folks form the fishing community doing mostly deep-sea fishing. The oldest mosque in Sri Lanka, the Kachchimalai Mosque, is built on a rocky headland overlooking this town.


However busy the town may be, the beach areas and surrounding residential areas are quiet and tranquil. The breezy beaches are good for swimming as well as windsurfing. Along the sea is also an area protected with a coral reef and makes it safe for swimming virtually all year round.