Chauffeur & Guide Code of Rules

Chauffeur & Guide Code of Rules

Our team of chauffeur are personally selected and with wide experience in exploring the country with upholding the standards and regulations.


Safety first

  • Maintaining speed limits & traffic rules including seat belts.
  • Maintenance and cleanness of the vehicle
  • Keep up with given itinerary, unless otherwise requested by guest and confirmed by Office.
  • No Alcohol during working hours.
  • Mobile phone calls should be restricted strictly, only essential calls.
  • Chauffeur should carry a basic first aid kit.
  • Rest stops when ever needed

Safety Check

  • Vehicle must be locked when ever unmanned.
  • Luggage must be supervised by guest all the time.
  • Make sure loading and unloading done by guest, hotel staff or Miracle Sri Lanka team member.

Chauffeur accommodation

Driver accommodation in few hotels can be inadequate or nonexistent. In order to maintain the committed responsible travel, in this few cases we make modest provision for accommodation cost of USD15.00. You will be advised at the time of placing your booking.

This commitment will meet the minimum standards for our chauffeurs to make your travel safe and comfortable.


  • Guest is obliged to inform Miracle Sri Lanka about chauffeur concerns immediately under complaint procedure.
  • Chauffeur should act as guide to offer general information and advice when there is no guide.
  • Chauffeur should respect passengers.

General Information

Chauffeur guides are not national guides, they will have a fair knowledge of all the locations, basic history etc. Historic sites such as Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Dambulla and Kandy, if you are keen on history, you can always hire a site guide at the entrance. If you are keen on a National guide lecture, do let us know in advance we will arrange the same.