Recently introduced to Sri Lanka, this adventure sport is an ideal way to indulge yourself floating among the magnificent landscapes of Sri Lanka. In your holiday in this island rich in natural beauty and scenery, never miss to try this activity, one of the newest adventure sports in the world -which allows you to capture the true beauty of the island from an angle many cannot capture.


Ella and Makeldeniya ridge are two places you can find professional paragliding services in Sri Lanka. You can enjoy this activity throughout the year and since all these services are operated by experts in the field you are assured of your safety.



It doesn’t matter in which month you are visiting Sri Lanka, as you can enjoy an adrenaline rushing parachuting adventure throughout the year. Get ready to overload your sensory with the thrill and excitement of a free fly viewing the beauty of Sri Lanka from above.

With the best experts and top-notch equipment, all the services assure you premium safety.


Visit Koggala and Sigiriya for a priceless skydiving or parachuting experience you’ll live throughout your life. Newbies will be trained before the fall and will be guided through the fall till you land safely.




Being one of the easiest ways to aviate, Paramotor is an adventure sport still new yet steadily uprising in the recent years in Sri Lanka. Discover the beauty of Sri Lanka just the way birds see it enjoying the serenity and the excitement at the same time. Being one of the lightest and powered aircraft, paramotors allows you to fly wherever you like till you run out of fuel.


You can enjoy this year-round activity in Bentota, Koggala, Negombo and Colombo.



If you are looking for ways to save time on the road so you can have more time to explore Sri Lanka, Seaplanes is a great transfer option for you. The planes that can land on sea and even on lakes help you reach destinations far from airports easily and quickly.


The beauty and the scenery you can experience along the way from above enhance the value of the experience apart from the comfort you are pampered with.  Air Taxi and Cinnamon air are some domestic seaplane services in Sri Lanka with domestic terminals at BIA, Colombo City (Waters Edge, Kotte), Bentota, Dickwella, Koggala, Kandy, Castlereagh, Sigiriya, Batticaloa and Trincomalee.


Hot Air Ballooning

Why not enjoy this beautiful paradise in the bird’s eye view floating over the thick dense forests, lush paddy fields and famous landmarks from the sky! Sign up for a balloon ride in your holiday in Sri Lanka and you’ll be delighted by the surprises waiting for you. November to May, the low wind season is the best time for hot air ballooning in Sri Lanka although March to April offers the best favourable weather for the activity.


Kandalama lake in Dambulla is where you should head to in early in the morning for an air ballooning session. The ride starts before the dawn promising you a mind-blowing sunrise and breathtaking scenery of the island from above.


Heli Tours

Whether you in a packed schedule or hate wasting time on the road or simply like to indulge yourself in luxury and scenery, helicopter transportation is for you. When you travel by air your transfers will get faster, more comfortable and interesting.

As you can find several helicopter transfer services such as Air Taxi, Heli tours, Cosmos Aviation, Deccan Aviation, Cinnamon Air and Air Senok, you have options to choose from.


Now you can fly from Bandaranaike International Airport to Colombo City (Waters Edge, Kotte), Bentota, Dickwella, Koggala, Kandy, Castlereagh, Sigiriya, Batticaloa and Trincomalee and more within minutes.


Bungee Jumping

The thrill of free-falling of bungee jumping is insanely heart racing and a must-try for any adventure lover. Now in Sri Lanka, you can cross bungee jumping from your bucket list enjoying an amazing experience worth a lifetime. Though the sport is not quite popular in Sri Lanka, you can enjoy a thrilling fall of 160 ft at Water’s edge, Colombo.


Providing you with the safest equipment and the best instructors, you will be ensured about your safety throughout.

Bird  Watching


Sri Lanka has so many surprises in the store for birders. With several locations ideal for bird watching around the island, Sri Lanka is a paradise found on earth for bird watchers.


With more than 439 species recorded, Sri Lanka offers you sightings of endemic,resident and migrating birds. Located on the bird migration route, Sri Lanka attracts migrated birds arriving from India, Siberia, Scandinavia and Western Europe. The latter part of the year specially December being the best time for bird watching in Sri Lanka, you can find 236 species of resident birds and 33 endemic species in your visit in Sri Lanka.


Adam’s Peak, Knuckles Range, Singharaja Rainforest, Horton Plains Rainforest Reserve, Kumana National Park, Wasgamuwa National Park, Belihul Oya and Kalpitiya are some of the places famous for bird watching in Sri Lanka.


Hiking/ Trekking


Going on a hiking or trekking excursion admiring the nature and the scenery around is one of the best ways to relax and rejuvenate in Sri Lanka. Offering you an ample of opportunities to enjoy trekking and hiking, Sri Lanka attracts hikers all around the world.


If you are looking for places to go on a hike in Sri Lanka Adam’s peak devil’s staircase, Ella, Riverston, Knuckles, Peacock hills and Kirigalpoththa are some of the ideal spots for you in Sri Lanka. It doesn’t’ matter you are an experienced hiker/trekker or not, Sri Lanka has the spots just for you.






Wild life Safari


With a wildlife abundance rich in diversity and quantity, Sri Lanka promises you the sights of wildlife in each and every safari ride.


Elephants, leopards, deer, Jackal, wild boar, peacock and many other varieties of birds and insects are common sights to see on a safari ride. Yala national park is where you should head to spot leopards while Minneriya national park is where the world largest Asian elephant gathering happens.


Wilpaththu, Wasgamuwa, Udawalewe are some other national parks offer you the best view of wildlife. The dry season from May to October is the best time to go on a safari.






Camping in the wilderness is a great way to get closer to nature. With several campsites located around the island that sets in the middle of the jungle, Sri Lanka offers you opportunities to enjoy an unforgettable camping experience.


You can find camping sites in almost all the national parks and nature reserves in Sri Lanka including, Yala, Udawalawe, Kithulgala, Singharaja, Ella, Sorabora wewa in Mahiyanganaya, Wedda Village, Wahawa Hot Spring and more.


Immerse yourself in nature and its serenity while engaging in camping expeditions like boat rides, bird watching, trekking to waterfalls and more. Planning your camping experience during the dry season of the area is the best for rain-free time.




Elephant Rides


Get on a back of an elephant to explore Sri Lanka and its beauty just like the Sinhalese Kings did in the past. The rhythmic sway of these mighty creatures and the elevated angle of sight will take your holiday in Sri Lanka to another level unfolding the best sights and sceneries of Sri Lanka in front of your eyes.


Habarana, Minneriya, Kaudualla, Yala are few places you can enjoy this unique and amazing activity. A ride on an elephant’s back is indeed going to be one of the top memories of your holiday in Sri Lanka.







Breathtaking nature and the scenery of Sri Lanka can be best explored with a cycling tour as it’s a fascinating experience you can’t afford with a ride in a vehicle. The scenic hill country and the ancient cities such as Polonnaruwa and Anuradhapura are ideal locations to explore on a bicycle enjoying the sights and sounds around. You can find bicycle rental places around the island for affordable rates.


Riding your bicycle along the tea plantations and ruins of the historic cities paddling at your own pace will create unforgettable moments worth a lifetime.





Rock Climbing


Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for year-round rock climbing. With several rock climbing sites across the island Sri Lanka offers you locations appropriate for beginner enthusiasts in rock climbing as well as for experts. Whether you are into aid climbing or free climbing, Sri Lanka can fulfil your desire with the best and experienced climbing services in Sri Lanka.


Sigiriya, Dambulla, Knuckles mountain range, Adam’s Peak, Nuwara Eliya, and Bambarakanda waterfalls are some of the best places to plan your rock climbing expedition in Sri Lanka. Find new routes to the top or enjoy an already developed route full of thrill.




Team Building Activities


Teambuilding is essential for a success of a company.  For this nothing is better than outdoor team building activities full of fun and adventure. From team building, leadership building, management building games to expeditions Sri Lanka offers you a variety of adventure team building activities to enjoy and grow.


Most of such services are adventure based camps and provide you with team building experts, equipment and creative programmes to fit your budget and schedule.  Kithulgala and Belihuoya are famous destinations for team building while several hotels and resorts offer their own campsite for team building.





As a trending activity, marathons in Sri Lanka is an activity tourists and locals enjoy alike. Whether you like to participate or just want to cheer the runners up and feel the spirit and energy in a marathon, the activity will never bore you.


The LSR Colombo Marathon is the biggest marathon hold in Sri Lanka which usually get over 10,000 foreign runners and local participants each year. With 6 categories the marathon route lies around Colombo cheers up the whole city and its people.





Horse Riding


For true enthusiasts, there’s no better way to experience the beauty and the rural life of Sri Lanka than on horseback. With experienced horsemen, you’ll find several places in Sri Lanka to enjoy a horse riding session. Be it a beach or hill country landscape or simply nature you want to explore, Sri Lanka can bring your horse riding dream into reality.


Bentota, Kalpitiya, Yala, Thissamaharamaya, Dambulla, Sigiriya, Ella, Nuwara Eliya are some of the places you can engage in horse riding. The most popular horse breeds in Sri Lanka are Marwari, Sindhi and the Kathwiari. These services allow experts and beginners alike to engage in the activity.






Though it’s a surprise to many, Sri Lanka is an ideal escape for an exciting golfing tour. With a map that fits three of the best golf courses in Asia, Sri Lanka delights golfers around the world.


The Royal Colombo Golf Club, Victoria Golf and Country Resort in Kandy and Nuwara Eliya Golf Club are the three 18-hole courses in Sri Lanka. Apart from that, you will find few small golf courses around the island. Tee off at one of the most scenic and the finest golf courses in your holiday in Sri Lanka and enjoy the perfect year-round warm climate and the beautiful scenery each course has to offer.






Add a bit of excitement to your peaceful vacation in Sri Lanka for a change by watching your favourite sport in Sri Lanka. Cricket is the most popular sport in Sri Lanka and allows Cricket lovers from all over the world see the best performance of famous cricket stars live from the stadium in their holiday in Sri Lanka.


Are you ready to cheer out loud when your favourite players score and get mad at the other team when yours gets a wicket?


Apart from that racing events such as Fox Hill Motor Cross, Commando Supercross and Gajaba Supercross grab the attention of tourists around the world.




Dental and Medical Tourism


With a reputation for affordable and quality medical treatments, Sri Lanka is one of the top destinations in Asia, tourists drawn to for medical care.  From surgeries of western treatments to alternative eastern treatments and wellness retreats such as Ayurvedic and yoga treatments, Sri Lanka will sooth your condition with the quality medical care services.


High-quality medical tourism tour packages are commonly available in Sri Lanka and will take care from your airport transfers, doctor appointment scheduling to travel planning till you get on the plane to fly home.



Village Tour


Head to a real village to experience the true Sri Lankan rural life inside out. The village tour features a lot of farming life activities focused on giving you the real essence of the local life. Habarana and Sigiriya are the top locations to go on a village trekking tour. It doesn’t matter the month you’ll be visiting Sri Lanka as the tour is something you can enjoy year around.


For those who love exploring the culture and lifestyle of Sri Lankan, Village tour is not optional.


Scuba Diving


If you are a more trained scuba diver looking forward to exploring the corals of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a destination you must stop by. With large colonies of corals rich in diversity, Sri Lanka has several beach spots ideal for scuba diving.

The beautiful colonies with 180 species of hard corals and 1000 reef and related species full of vibrant colours along with shipwrecks such as Boiler Wrecks in Passikudha, Clacke and Taprobane East wreck in Colombo. Hikkaduwa, Pigeon Island, Passikudha, Colombo, Trincomalee, Negombo, Galle, Polhena and Tangalle are few beaches in Sri Lanka ideal for Scuba diving. The West Coast’s diving season is from November to April while East Coast’s peak season is from May to October.





Get lost in a world of calm and serenity filled with pristine beauty of the marine world with an unforgettable diving session in Sri Lanka. With a reputation of having few of the most beautiful coral formations in S.E. Asia, Sri Lanka has several diving spots around the island for an unforgettable diving tour.


The diversity of corals saturated with vibrant colours and clouds of fishes swimming among the reefs along with few shop wrecks is a scenery that can take your breath way. Hikkaduwa, Nilaveli, Trincomalee, Pigeon island and Weligama are some of the popular attractions in Sri Lanka for diving.


From November to April is the best time to dive in the west coast while waters are ideal for diving from April to September on the east coast.





If you are a marine world enthusiast yet don’t enjoy being adventurous, snorkelling is the best option for you to capture the beauty of the world under the water. Offering you several beach spots with coral formations of vibrant colours and beautiful schools of fishes and other sea animals of mind blogging shapes and colours Sri Lanka guarantee you a breathtaking snorkelling experience of a lifetime.


Hikkaduwa, Nilaveli, Trincomalee, Pigeon island and Weligama are some of the popular attractions in Sri Lanka for snorkelling. The best time for snorkelling in the west coast is from November to April while April to September is the peak season on the east coast.


Surfing/ Wind Surfing


Being popular among surfers around the world, Sri Lanka has a great reputation when it comes to surfing. Arugambay is the number one location to ride some waves in Sri Lanka and April to October is the best time for a surfing session in the place. Not just surfers, Kite surfers and windsurfers also fall in love with Sri Lanka.


Kalpitiya is the beach you should head to, for Kite surfing while Tangalle, Polhena, Weligama, Bentota, Hikkaduwa, Matara, Nilaveli and Trincomalee are some of the beaches ideal for windsurfing and surfing alike. With a number of surfboard and equipment rental shops near the beaches, all you have to do is reserve your time and everything else can be figured out once you are at the beach.





Whether you are a fishing lover or not, Sri Lanka is a destination you must reserve time for a fishing trip. Stilt fishing is a traditional way of fishing on the southern coast, where you can fish on shallow waters sitting on a cross bar tied to a single pole fixed to the seabed with a fishing stick. Galle and Koggala lie among the top beaches in Sri Lanka known for Stilt fishing.


Inland fishing is also another great way to enjoy a fishing trip in Sri Lanka as with inland fishing you can get excited about two things -Fish and nature. Bolgoda Lake and Madu Ganga offer you great opportunities of year around inland fishing expeditions.




White Water Rafting


Riding over the crazy rapids laced with white foam is an adrenaline rushing activity, adventure seekers should never say no to in your holiday in Sri Lanka. To experience the best Whitewater rafting session, Kithulgala is the number one destination you should pay a visit to. Sithawaka, Kothmale and Mahaweli are other locations that will assure you a rafting experience worth a praise.


With rapids appropriate for both experts and beginners, Sri Lanka promises you a great adventure experience full of fun, excitement and adventure. Pristine nature of the surrounding is a bonus you get to enjoy in each of these places while you are rafting.




Canoeing / Kayaking


Paddle along a river admiring the beauty of the surrounding listening to the sound of the water in a Kayak or a Canoe…


Sign up for a Kayaking tour in Sri Lanka to add a bit of adventure to your holiday in Sri Lanka. You can try canoeing for a less adventurous and more peaceful experience to get closer to nature.


Kithulgala is the number one spot for Kayaking in inland while Negombo, Kalpitiya and Weligama are few of the beaches offer sea Kayaking in Sri Lanka. Madu River and Samanala wewa are famous for canoeing.




Boat Riding


Escape from the crowded tourist attractions for a while and enjoy a peaceful time in a boat ride along a scenic river or in a beautiful lake full of lotus.


Motorboat rides in Sri Lanka offer you a world of opportunities to snap the best shots of pristine nature rich in biodiversity along with small aquatic animals, amphibians and birds. Madu river, Bentota river, Koggala lake, Gregory Lake, Dutch canal and Muthuraja wela marshland and Madol Duwa are few places you can enjoy an inland boat ride in Sri Lanka.




Whale Watching


To see the giants of the oceans jumping out from the water and disappeared in water splashes is a sight anyone who visits Sri Lanka must not miss to witness. Get on a boat and ride into the deep ocean and you are promised with the sights of Blue whales, Bryde´s whales, Sperm whales, Fin whales, sometimes Killer whales, and Common dolphins, Bottlenose dolphins, Spinner dolphins, Risso’s dolphins and Striped dolphins.


Mirissa, Kalpitiya and Trincomalee are the top places to capture the sights of whales. Go during November to April the peak season for whale watching to spot magnificent whale and dolphin encounters under the best weather.




Catamaran Safari


A morning catamaran safari in a lake is one of the best ways to start your day in Sri Lanka. A Catamaran is a sailing vessel featuring two parallel hulls of equal size- which locals in Sri Lanka use to sail on inland waters like lakes and rivers.


You can experience a Catamaran ride in Parakrama Samudraya in Polonnaruwa one of the biggest manmade reservoirs in Sri Lanka. Sail in the waters enjoying the still glistering waters of the lake while breathing the fresh morning air mixed with the mild fragrance of Lotus.


The ride promises you sights of fishing eagles, Brahmi kites, Ibis, and cormorant along with the breathtaking scenery of the lake and its surrounding.



Deep Sea Fishing


Fancy a serious fishing experience?


Then, deep sea fishing in Sri Lanka is an activity you can’t afford to miss. With a plenty of space to fish and nice warm weather, catch the fish of your lifetime in Sri Lanka with the best instructors.  Barracuda, Seer, Great Travilly, Queen Fish, Sailfish, Blue or Black Marlene, Tuna, Wahoo and more are common species you can catch during the trip.


For a typical deep sea and shallow sea fishing tours Negombo lagoon, Balapitiya, Hikkaduwa and Galle are ideal. From November to April is the peak season of the Western and Southern coasts for deep sea fishing while on the East coast gets the best weather from May to September.



Confidence Jump/ Abseiling


Anyone looking for some heart racing time in outdoors, needs to try confidence jumping or abseiling in Sri Lanka. Kithulgala and Meemure being the most popular destinations for these activities, offer great terrain for experts and newbies both to try these adventure sports.


Jumping from rocks above to natural water pools is a quite fun and daring activity where you can truly push yourself out of your limits. Abseiling also quite a thrill and excitement and offers you magnificent scenery of the surrounding while you are descending. February to April is the best time for these activities.




Boat Cruise


Add a bit of luxuriousness to your holiday in Sri Lanka with a luxury boat (Yacht ride) around the beautiful coast of Sri Lanka. Invite your friends and family and throw a fabulous party everyone will never forget in the Indian Ocean or surprise your loved one with a romantic evening enjoying the romance of the ocean and the wind blowing by. You can rent a yacht for yourself in Pasikudah, Galle, Mirissa, Weligama, Trincomalee and Mannar throughout the year.


Enjoy the landscape passing by and stop for a dip wherever you like and have a good time worth a lifetime in a boat cruise in Sri Lanka.